Our office is made up of a group of young professionals specialized in different areas. Our company's Director, Gabriela Pallares has over 10 years of professional experience working independently, creating projects as well as directing and producing projects at different scales in commercial, institutional and private environments.

Her degree in Architecture, obtained from the University of The Republic, her postgraduate studies in Interior Design, as well as her cpim logistics degree obtained from IEMM University in Montevideo have been enriched by different courses taken in diverse fields:

Marketing, Sales, Company Internationalization, Service Export, Semiotics, Real Estate Trusts, Investment projects, Intellectual Property for creative companies, etc.

She travels periodically to international exhibits and complements her knowledge by subscribing to different publications from all over the world.

Her mother tongue is Spanish and she has a solid knowledge of English and French. In 1994 she travelled with a study group from the University of Architecture during 8 months, visiting the architectural milestones of Mexico, the US, Europe, Russia, India and the Scandinavian countries, among others.

During her studies in Architecture, she worked at the Domingo Bellagamba Architectural Office with whom she still maintains a solid professional link. From 1996 to 2000 she partnered with Architect Gustavo Bardavid to work on several architectural and interior design projects.

As of the year 2000, she works independently directing her own architectural office. She occasionally partners with professionals specialized in different areas, according to the clients' needs and challenges. In Uruguay she has partnered with Estudio Falco Arquitectos Architectural Office and at the international level she has worked with Horacio Torcello Architectural Office for the development of several projects.

She also participates in different international projects via the Internet, attending the needs of diverse clients in Spain, Argentina, India and Great Britain.

Together with Netgate, a major telecommunications company based in Uruguay, she has participated in several activities through different media (radio, TV, written press), promoting work via the Internet through her experience as a teleworker.

Director: Arq. Gabriela Pallares

Worksite supervision:Arq., Sabina Carre, Arq Rosario Abadie, Arq.  Blanca Viera, Arq Irene Bello

Drawings and presentations:Comba servicios arquitectónicos, Rosario Abadie,  Esteban Alcarraz

Projects:Arq Rosario Abadie, Arq Sylvia Moreira,  Arq Gabriela Pallares

General administrative Advising:Arq. Carlos Castagnino
Transportation:Paulino Bauza

International PR:Mr. Billa Bhandari
Interior design:Domingo Bellagamba
Civil engineering / Structural analysis: Ing. Crespo/Zooby, Ing. Marcelo Artagaveytia,
 Ing. Andres Mendaro
Hydraulic and sanitary engineering: Ing. Griselda Castagnino, Arq. Lucia Chabalgoity
Surveyors:Ing Agrim Martin Fernandez
Administrative proceedings:Arq. Carmen Velazco/Ma Eugenia Delgado
Accounting:Cr Gonzalo Goslino
Legal advisor:Dra. Clarisa Andreu

Photography of works: GP Officce / Carlos Pazos

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